Black Men Smile Takes A Stand Against Muslim Ban

Black Men Smile directors, Carlton Mackey and Devan Dunson add their voices to the sound of the cry for justice. Follow them as they march through Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in protest against Donald Trumps Muslim/Refugee Ban and listen to Co-Director Devan Dmarcus' powerful spoken word piece entitled "The Inconvenient Truth". Witness art meet, passion meet purpose and purpose meet action.

Black Men Smile™ at Roses In Concrete Community School (Oakland)

Black Men Smile™ travels to Oakland, California for a transformative experience with the youth of Roses in Concrete Community School. This behind the scenes film documents their unique blend of empowerment that infuses hip-hop, African drum, Call and Response, and leadership training to grant responsibility to young people to resist, affirm, proclaim, and reclaim the power and beauty of their identities. 

Black Men Smile in New Orleans

The Black Men Smile team travels to New Orleans to plant the seeds for its newest chapter...and to have fun in a city that definitely knows how to do it well. Listen to the voices of Black men from one of the country's most distinct cities as they celebrate the way they see themselves.