Epic Photo Shoot and Documentary with Black Men Smile in Atlanta


verb: transcend; 3rd person present: transcends; past tense: transcended; past participle: transcended; gerund or present participle: transcending

be or go beyond the range or limits of (something abstract, typically a conceptual field or division).

In this new year I encourage you to transcend. I cheer for your breakthrough. I exalt your efforts and claim your victory in advance.   -Devan Dmarcus

Devan Dmarcus at Trilogy by Islandboi Photography 2016

I’ve fallen apart and become anew millions of times over. In doing so I’ve learned that everything that ever was and ever will be is forever evolving. When we started Black Men Smile we had no idea that it would become what it is today, we simply knew that we wanted to explore the notion of a black man smiling. We wanted to discover what made him smile and what his smile genuinely meant to him. We wanted to create spaces where Black Men could come together to communion and to fellowship. We wanted to rediscover the hidden treasures within our hearts. We wanted to reclaim our minds and our thoughts as it pertained to us and how we viewed ourselves. We wanted to be able to look at our brothers from a standpoint of love and appreciation. We wanted to laugh, smile, cry, be vulnerable, be honest and be supportive of each other. We wanted to simply be as we are. We are Black Men with dynamic stories that are worthy of mentioning and worth celebrating, so that is exactly what we present to you. WE ARE BLACK MEN SMILE.

All the thanks in the world:

Raevaughn Lucas for opening up the amazing space to us.  Trilogy Cigar Lounge Atlanta
Breonca Trofort for creating this amazing behind the scenes documentary
Joey "Islandboi" for capturing these amazing images