Black Men Smile in New Orleans

What’s the immediate outcome of this work? How do I know that this platform is making a difference?  What are the obvious manifestations of change and growth? 

I’ve skimmed these analytical notions on the surface, however often from a distance and having never really been able to deeply explore the raw intimacy fostered within our collective agenda here at Black Men Smile. Our recent trip to New Orleans challenged this truth and simultaneously offered me a unique vintage point, as seen through the eyes of a childhood friend and fellow artist (@itsbradbanks), a newfound spirit twin from London (@djmelodykane) and 2 New Orleans based Black Men Smile Ambassadors (@gocmo and @bluprintphotography). They all helped open my eyes to the limitless possibilities of Black Men Smile and lended perspective towards an idea that I have been in close quarters with for a few years now. I guess sometimes it’s good to step back and watch your baby, who has undoubtedly matured into early childhood stages, walk into the world and truly be enjoyed and loved on by someone other than you. I’m forever grateful for thIs experience! Here is a quick recap of some of the trip!

Thank You to Joshua of Bluprint Media Productions for being a man of your word!