Inaugural Black Men Smile™ Photo Walk - Atlanta

Join the brothers of Black Men Smile™ for their Inaugural Photo Walk in the historic Castleberry Hill district of Atlanta, GA.  This photo walk is FREE and open to men, women, and children of all ages.

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Photo by new featured artist Cassandra H.

Photo by new featured artist Cassandra H.


As the title suggests, this event will certainly present photographers and models an opportunity to connect and create magic!  Male and female models will be on hand, rocking the latest Black Men Smile™ gear, to work with photographers of all skill levels.  Camera phones welcome!

Senior Black Men Smile™ photographers will be on deck to assist with beginner tips and basic shooting strategies. 



Inaugural Photo Walk will end with tour of latest Zucot Gallery Exhibit

Inaugural Photo Walk will end with tour of latest Zucot Gallery Exhibit

Along this journey we will also stop in to say hello to our friends who own and operate some of the best Black owned business in Castleberry Hill and who have been instrumental to the success of our movement.  The walk will begin on the corner of Walker and Peters Street across the street from the World Famous City of Ink flagship location (323 Walker Street SW Atlanta 30313).  We will slide down Peters Street, stopping at Habanos Cigar Lounge as well as several of our other favorite spots.  We will then bend over to Walker Street and capture images at several murals and walls along the way, ultimately ending at Zucot Gallery for refreshments and a view of its latest exhibit.

Our Inaugural Atlanta Photo Walk will also serve as a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the sun, connect with fellow Atl-iens, and network with other amazingly beautiful people.

Come out.  Bring your camera. Let's be together.  Let's celebrate the way we see ourselves! 

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