Black men Smile™ partners with D.C. schools and launches new national campaign

Black Men Smile is proud to announce the launch of a new nation-wide campaign and partnership with The Boys Institute in Washington, DC entitled ME BECOMING YOU™. Black Men Smile is committed to opening the door for new voices to contribute to our essential question: “What makes you smile?” We recognize that conversations geared towards men do and should include more than the adult male perspective. In an attempt to enhance this dialogue, we are asking children to help capture and share the stories of older men within their communities. Our hope is that this campaign will strengthen our commitment to the local community, deepen our connections with the youth, and foster bonds between generations. We plan to begin with a portrait series highlighting the young men of The Boys Institute. During the month of December, Black Men Smile directors will travel to DC to conduct a three-day workshop, film a short documentary, launch a social media campaign, and interview participants from the ME BECOMING YOU™ series. We plan to offer this model to other schools in the future and encourage educational professionals to stay tuned for more information about this signature experience.

me becoming you 4.jpg

Partnership launch at Stanton Elementary (see photos):