Black Men Smile® at Forward Conference 2018 in New York


Much of the work that we do at Black Men Smile® is rooted in social-emotional community building and strategic long-term partnership/collaboration with like-minded entities. Since our establishment in 2014 we have been able to build consistency within the community engagement component of our platform by linking arms with organizations such as the Next Big Thing Movement (NBTM), who certainly share a passion for empowering people of color as well. For nearly 3 years George Olokun and his team over at NBTM have extended their blessings to us. George, we are extremely thankful for the constant inclusion and support dear brother! Had it not been for NBTM, we may have been slower in our efforts to extend the mission of Black Men Smile® to areas like Washington, DC and New York, therefore we are forever grateful for the consideration.

Last month Carlton and I got the chance to speak at Forward Conference 2018 in Long Island City. The event was a tremendous success. It allowed us to be around industry thought-leaders as well as reconnect with a few good brothers and sisters that we met at the previous conference. Events such as this are necessary because it reminds us that we are part of a larger community that has dedicated itself to bettering the lives of those around them. Although we focus mainly on reconstructing the narrative surrounding Black Masculinity, it was refreshing to engage with entrepreneurs like Adil Ismaaeel who has set out on a mission to enrich the lives of black people through travel & cultural immersion with his book and platform Breaking Borders. Additionally, creatives like Antonio Brown reminded us that we can reach higher heights simply by ascribing to the right (progressive) mindset and internal belief system. There were many other great speakers and overall good people at this year’s Forward Conference. We are highly anticipating the upcoming one in Los Angeles next January!


Check out the video for a quick recap of Forward Conference 2018. Also, for event hosting and speaking/keynote bookings email us

VIDEO Production by Arianna Cuesta (Ojos Nebulosos)

Until the next time,

Devan Dmarcus – Black Men Smile® | Co-Director