Black Men Smile™ at Roses In Concrete Community School (Oakland)

That West Coast vibe is like none other. Every time I travel to the Bay Area I fall in love with it all over again. The hills, the water, the bridges, the breathtaking scenery, the energy, the air, the food and most importantly, the people! If I were to sum up the feeling in few short words I would best describe it as a MAJESTIC SPIRITUAL ENCOUNTER that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime.

Black Men Smile™ traveled to the Bay in order to forge stronger bonds with our community organizer Karega Bailey and some of the leaders and beautiful spirits in the area earlier this month. He now resides in Oakland with his wife and Sol Development bandmates. During the day he’s an educator and instrumental cultivator of the youth at the Roses In Concrete Community School and by night he spreads his message of empowerment and SOL BUILDING! Come along with us as we journey inside the hearts and minds of some of the most brilliant seeds we have ever encountered.  Furthermore, this short behind the scenes documentary will give you a glimpse into the Signature Black Men Smile™ Workshop. Never before have we opened up the platform in this way for the public. We truly hope you are as moved by the experience as we were. Happy Holidays and many advancements to you and yours during the upcoming year!

The Very Best,

Devan Dmarcus