Black Men Smile® Monday: I Love My Family



Reading this question, many thoughts flooded my mind about what makes me smile.  As I canvassed the options, the thing that consistently, “day in and out, regardless of how I’m feeling or what I may be going through” is my relationship with my family…I love and adore my wife and daughters (as well as my extended family), and they make me smile – BIG…I’m talking “Oh Yeah” Kool Aid kind of smile. 

Writing about me and who I am is usually difficult for me to do because I find that I’m many things to many people, so who I am can appear different each day. But I constantly strive to remain connected and living in the moment to be an impactful human being living a fulfilled life of purpose, with joy, energy, and love – one who narrows the gap between how I see myself, how others see me, and who I really am.  I love Jesus; and I love people and engaging in the human experience in its many layers.  I am a husband, father, son, brother, uncle, cousin, friend, entrepreneur, coach, and owner and founder of 3Q Fitness and CrossFit Garland – dedicated to serving and helping EVERYDAY people lead EXTRAORDINARY lives.  So I’ll share a bit more about this…

Photography by Mia

Photography by Mia

Nearly fifteen years ago, I launched 3Q Fitness as a personal fitness and performance training consulting company missioned to teaching people to live healthier, happier, and fitter lives through a holistic blend of fitness training, lifestyle coaching, and a supportive community.  Our mission is to become THE primary resource for those wanting fitness, wellness, and performance truth in Garland, TX, and the surrounding community. 

In 2004, God gave me a vision and purposed me to create a fit and healthy community who is strong, confident, and has the courage to live outside the generally accepted norm that health, fitness and vitality must decline with age; a community who diligently and passionately pursues lifelong fitness and performance to strengthen and enhance their mind, body, and spirit.  Our community is 150+ strong and growing.  We are not perfect by any means, and that is NOT the objective – for us, it’s about progression and powerfully and intentionally moving closer each day to fulfill the quality of life we wish to have.


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