Zucot Gallery - The Art of a Smile

"Being surrounded by and contributing to the creation of art makes us smile."

The Directors of Black Men Smile were all smiles after wrapping up a reference photo shoot for a new series focusing on the Negro Spirituals by renowned artist Aaron Henderson at Zucot Gallery in Atlanta, GA.  Henderson solicited the support of Carlton Mackey to model for a soon to be 6 foot canvas painting based on the Negro Spiritual "Lilly in the Valley, Bright and Morning Star".  After the shoot, the two discussed the future of Black Men Smile, future collaborations with the gallery, and an upcoming HBCU college tour.

The reference images for the painting were captured by JAS PHOTO
Mackey and Dunson captured by Sierra Chastity
Exhibit featuring the work of J Barber
At Zucot Gallery

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