Our mission

The Mission of Black Men Smile® is to create a space for Black Men to celebrate the way we see ourselves.  We ask Black Men what makes them smile...and work to create sustainable environments where we can do it more often.


eight core components of Black Men Smile® platform

  • Lifestyle apparel brand

We set out on a mission to leverage the strength and appeal of our social media movement to create an apparel brand to further our commitment to celebrate the way we see ourselves.  

Embody the movement.  Resist.

Look good doing it.


In addition to building a nationally recognized brand birthed out of our creation of the hashtag #blackmensmile, we are generating a portrait archive comprised of professional images captured by our team of artists and those crowd-sourced from within the community.  Now with over 47,000 images of Black men from all walks of life having used the hashtag (on Instagram alone), we have created a movement based on the reclamation of our own self identities.

International Travel Retreats

The BMS retreat experience is so much more than a sight seeing excursion or vacation. It is a deep dive into the self and an exploration of our inextricable connection to each other. It is an examination of culture and history and religion and politics. Through the lens of each of our unique perspectives, we see things totally differently and are transformed as a result.

art/Media production

We produce film based media productions in addition to the professional images we capture.  Our team has produces a series of short films highlighting our work and seek to produce a documentary film, and other forms of art that represent a broader spectrum of Black men and Black masculinity.



>>Black Men Smile® Mondays

After the internet was flooded with thousands of photos of Black men sharing their smiles and reclaiming their joy, Black Men Smile® and Felonious Munk, the man who kicked off the viral wave with his tweet of #BlackMenSmiling, are teaming up to profile some of the amazing stories of men who shared their smiles.

  • community building/organizing

We will partner with a broad constituency base in cities across the country to expose Black men to resources within their own communities AND work to ultimately ensure that the Black men in these communities see themselves as resources to their own communities.  

To this end we will seed and establish BLACK MEN SMILE™ Chapters with local leadership across the country. The chapters will become self-organizing hubs for community action led by Black Men to address the unique needs of our communities.

  • Empowerment and education Workshops

As a team of scholars, artists, and activists, we partner with local leaders, organizations, schools and other artists to host empowerment workshops.  Infused into each of our workshops is signature, educational curriculum we developed to lead groups of all ages in a process of personal transformation. Each are focused on empowerment, art, and radical expressions of self-love.

Black Men Smile because we love ourselves. This platform is not about respectability politics. It is about radical expressions of self love. It is about resistance.
— Carlton Mackey

K.I.N.G.S. Character Development Program, Inc.

(Knowledge Influencing the Next Generation’S Success)

The K.I.N.G.S. character development program is premised on the realization that it is time for us all to unite and become the necessary leaders that our male youth need and desire. This program resonates faith, service, strength, and cultural awareness. K.I.N.G.S. character development program, whose primary focus is to instill self-worth and values, will work to eliminate the expected norms of young black men in terms of education, communication, and responsibility.  



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